The Greek Popular Modes (2011)

Ordoulidis, N. (2011). The Greek Popular Modes. British Postgraduate Musicology, 11


This article aims to shed light on an issue which has been troubling musiciansand musicologists for many years: the issue of Greek laikó [popular] modes.Initially, an effort is made to draw attention to the gaps within knowledge on,and problematic facets of, this issue. Next, explanations are given as to how anorally transmitted and erroneous terminology creates vague oral rules andstandards that are maintained today. By presenting and analyzing severaltheoretical systems which find expression in the Greek popular modes, the ar-ticle tries to show the way in which the modes developed (two popular modesare used as examples). The article is part of my ongoing PhD research projectat the University of Leeds. It deals with the analysis of the recording career of the Greek songwriter Vasílis Tsitsánis (1936-1983).

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