Recording, mixing and mastering made by George Bakalis.

Studio Magnanimous, Thessaloniki. October 2006.

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Songs list

  1. At your neighbourhood. Singing: Nikos Ordoulidis
  2. Jealousy. Singing: Maria Petkou
  3. Two dashers. Singing: Nikos Ordoulidis
  4. Two-faced dream. Singing: Maria Petkou
  5. Night owl and alone. Singing: Nikos Ordoulidis

Poetry: Neofytos Iordanidis


  1. Thanasis Miliokas: Acoustic guitar
  2. Hristos Bakalis: Woodwinds
  3. Pashalis Ignatiadis: Drums & Percussions
  4. Thomaidis Hristos: Electric Bass
  5. Spyropoulos Yiorgos: Violin
  6. Maria Petkou: Singing
  7. Nikos Ordoulidis: Piano & Singing
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