The play was performed by the students of the Fifth class of the elementary school of the towns of Prohoma & Kastanas. The script has been transcribed in a metrical four-quatrain poem. The transcription, the sets and the stage direction are by Alexandros Kesidis. The general manager of the play is Georgia Ragia. Music for children choir and orchestra, Nikos Ordoulidis.

In choric 3, violin by Pavlos Papaioanou

  • In choric 4 & in intro of the 3rd scene piano by Nikos Ordoulidis
  • Aria of the daughter performed by Kalistheni Petraki
  • In choric 7, solo singing by Elisavet Diamantopoulou
  • All orchestra instruments, appart from the piano and the violin which were mentioned, produced with Personal Computer
  • The label of the CD, which was also the poster of the play, was created by the student of the Third class of the elementary school of the town of Adendro, Dimitris Tsouglinis
  • Choir in the CD: Voulgaropoulos Vasilis, Govaris Konstantinos, Hatzikiriakidou Efi from the city of Veria. Diamantopoulou Elisavet, Petraki Kalistheni from the city of Oreokastro, Thessaloniki. Petkou Maria, Ordoulidou Eleni from the city of Naousa

Sample of the score

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