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Nikos Ordoulidis studied at the University of Leeds, UK (PhD in popular musicology & ethnomusicology; and master’s degree in music performance) and at the University of Macedonia, Greece (bachelor’s degree in music science and art). His doctoral dissertation concerned the discographical work of Vasilis Tsitsanis and the problems of research into Greek popular music. His research interests revolve around the condition of musical syncretism in popular music. The repertoires (historical and modern) come from a wide region: Eastern Europe, Balkans, Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa. Moreover, the performance techniques and the musicological research on the role of the piano in folk-popular and high-status musical styles constitute his latest research and artistic activity. He has published texts that concern musical nationalism, ideologies expressed with music as a vehicle, historical discography, the eastern piano, intellectual property and the issue of musical referrals, cosmopolitanism in folk-popular historical repertoires, popular music in education, the ecclesiastical music of the Orthodox Church, rebetiko, Jewish repertoires (Ashkenazi and Sephardic) et al. He is an active composer, pianist and arranger with six complete albums and several singles. He is a member of the International Musicological Society, of the Modern Greek Studies Association, of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, and of the Hellenic Musicological Society. From 2014 until 2018, he taught as an Academic Scholar at the Department of Folk and Popular Music, of the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus. Since 2018, he has been teaching at the Department of Music Studies of the University of Ioannina. He undertook postdoctoral research, titled ‘Eastwards heterotopias of the piano’, co-financed by the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece and the European Union. He has published four monographs. His latest book is titled Musical Nationalism, Despotism and Scholarly Interventions in Greek Popular Music (Bloomsbury Academic, 2021).


Monographs, Articles and Conference Proceedings (peer reviewed)

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Conference Papers (sample, peer reviewed)

  • Kucinskas, D., Zappala, P., Skalska, K., Kokkonis, G., & Ordoulidis, N. (2022). Ethnic Piano Rolls. Round table. Athens (August 22-26): International Musicological Society, 21st Quinquennial Congress.
  • Ordoulidis, N. (2022). Cosmopolitanism in Kounadis Archive Virtual Museum. Paper presented at the 56th annual conference of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (May 17-21). Online (Detroit, Michigan).
  • Ordoulidis, N. (2021). Musical Palimpsests: Greek-Jewish Historical Discography. Conference Proceedings: 13th Hellenic Musicological Society Conference. Hellenic Musicological Society Conference.
  • Ordoulidis, N. (2018). The Maestro's Riddle - The Pseudonyms “Moraitis” and “Georgiadis” of Spyros Peristeris. Coference title: The other self: Cryptonym, Identity and Distinctness in Artistic Creation. Music Village, Agios Lavrentios Pilio (August 17-18).
  • Ordoulidis, N. (2018). Deconstructing Dipoles: the Term “Minor” in Smyrna. Fifth International Conference on Analytical Approaches to World Music (AAWM 2018) & Eighth Folk Music Analysis Workshop (FMA 2018). Thessaloniki, Greece (June 26–29).
  • Ordoulidis, N. (2018). The Eastern Piano: an Introduction and Certain Special Cases in Point. The 12th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group Mediterranean Music Studies Music and Sound at the Mediterranean Crossroads. Morocco (19–24 June).
  • Ordoulidis, N. (2017). Cosmopolitan Music by Cosmopolitan Musicians: The Case of Spyros Peristeris, Leading Figure of the Rebetiko. Conference Paper, Creating music across cultures in the 21st century, The Centre for Advanced Studies in Music (25-27/5). Istanbul Technical University.
  • Ordoulidis, N. (2015). Every Port is a Sorrow: The Bounds Between Sea and Misery in Greek Songs. Paper: International Conference: Thalassic Imaginaries: The Mediterranean Sea in Language, Art and Other Forms of Representation (23-24/1). Mediterranean Institute, University of Malta.
  • Ordoulidis, N. (2012). The Minore Dhromos [Popular Mode] in the Songs of Vasilis Tsitsanis. Paper: 1st Conference about the Life and Times of Vassilis Tsitsanis (9/12). The Institute of Rebetology, London, School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

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