Friday 12 May 2017

The political song inGreece


FromThessalonikitoZurich…the excellent musicians of the Prigipessa popular orchestra perform works of M. Theodorakis, M. Loizos, H. Leontis, S. Xarhakos, G. Markopoulos and other composers at Rote Fabrik on 12 May. Performing and singing political songs from the period of the 50s to the early 80s, songs that up to today have not lost their artistic and symbolic value.


Organizer: Akrotheama


Triantafyllos Halkias (Bouzouki)

Nikos Ordoulidis (Piano, vocals)

Dimitris Sfiggos (guitar)

Miltos Tsaligopoulos (vocals)

Maria Fragouli (vocals)

Christos Mastellos (vocals)

Andreas Karakotas (vocals)

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