Manolis Pappos | Ifigeneia Ioannou | Nikos Ordoulidis

Tuesday 18 March 2014

The piano as a musical instrument has existed on music stages as well as in the discography of the rebetiko and neo-popular urban music for many years. Working on a new enterprise titled ‘The Eastern Piano Project’, Nikos Ordoulidis reintroduces the piano, bringing to the surface the unexplored aspects and potential of the instrument.

In a musical programme filled with experimentation and imagination, the above pianistic technique, the unique performance of Manolis Pappos on the bouzouki, and the, as if from another time, vocal personality of Ifigenia Ioannou, meet in order to present key-songs of the rebetiko of Piraeus, songs of refugeeism and the early, now widespread popular song, seen in another light.

Tuesday 18 March at the Music Stage Prigipessa inThessaloniki

Thursday 20 March at the Music Café Sirios in Naoussa

  • Ορδουλίδης Πάππος Ιωάννου
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