TSITSANIS in Iceland

Sunday 4 May 2014

A big concert, dedicated to Vasilis Tsitsanis, at the Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland (http://en.harpa.is/) on 9 May 2014, is the reason why ‘Prigipessa’, with an orchestra of nine musicians, is having a special tribute on its premises dedicated to Vasilis Tsitsanis; A musical legend, who played a defining role in the shaping and evolution of the urban popular song of Greece. The tribute is to take place on Sunday 4 May. The orchestra going toReykjavikconsists of: Fotini Velesiotou (vocals), Christos Mastelos (vocals), Ifigenia Ioannou (vocals), Panagiotis Koutsouras (bouzouki), Triantafyllos Halkias (bouzouki), Dimitris Sfiggos (guitar), Dimitris Tsiolhas (accordion), Miltos Tsaligopoulos (double bass) and Nikos Ordoulidis (piano)

  • Ορδουλίδης Πριγκηπέσσα Βελεσιώτου
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