Panhellenic conference 'Music and Musicology. Present and future'

Friday 21 November 2014

Teloglion Foundation inThessaloniki. Hellenic Musicological Society


‘Urban popular music in Greek Education: certain problematic issues’  (click on the title for the proposal )

The prosperity of studies on urban popular music and, in general, the wider acceptance of the value of the popular culture in the realm of the Greek educational system seems to be in critical condition. It is evident that academic research concerning urban popular music genres is advancing rapidly abroad, on foundations set 30 to 40 years ago, in the context of various terms, such as popular musicology, new musicology and so on. This can be ascertained through a multitude of theses, books and academic articles. Nowadays in Greece, even though various urban music genres are widely prevalent (laiko, rock, rebetiko, artistic, pop), they are not taught in Greek conservatories, while in other countries the corresponding styles constitute part of the educational systems, on all levels, and are extremely popular among students. This statement concerns various problematic issues raised regarding studies concerning urban popular music on all levels of the educational system ofGreece. It analyzes the deficiencies and poses issues for consideration and discussion; it proposes solutions and explains the reasons why the establishment of a replete study programme for the specific field will contribute to the modernization of music education ofGreece, with the evolutionary progress of society as a whole being the positive impact.

  • Ορδουλίδης συνέδριο μουσικολογική εταιρία
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