Monday 27 April 2015

State Conservatory of Thessaloniki

‘The popular piano’
Seminar – Photographic exhibition - Recital

Nikos Ordoulidis
Monday, 27 April 2015

Press release

The State Conservator of Thessaloniki is organizing a workshop with the musicologist, Nikos Ordoulidis PhD University of Leeds (UK), on the subject of ‘The popular piano: seminar – photographic exhibition – recital’. The enterprise of the popular piano is founded on the two fundamental pillars of art: practice and theory. Its two natures, that is, its artistic one and its scientific one, are extremely interesting as they reveal elements particularly useful for the musician pianist as well as for the scientist. Research, whether it be musical (practical) or musicological (theoretical), can, primarily, prove the unlimited potential of the instrument.

The workshop is to be conducted at the ‘Melina Merkouri Hall’ of the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki, Monday 27 April 2015. The seminar takes place at 6:30pm. Its purpose is it to bring students of music and music fans into initial contact with the subject. Especial emphasis is placed on popular improvisation (taksimi) and its implementation on the piano. Furthermore, ways with which songs of diverse aesthetic can be rendered by the instrument and how it ‘behaves’ in a popular orchestra are analyzed. The popular piano recital follows at 9pm, including pieces of urban popular idioms, either in their original forms, or covers (presentation-commentary: Stathis Pahidis). The photographic exhibition starts on Monday 20 April and will include historical photographs of pianos and pianists of the urban popular genre. Admission is free.


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nikos ordoulidis

Nikos Ordoulidis studied at the University of Leeds, UK, (PhD in Popular Musicology and Masters in Classical Song) and at the University of Macedonia (Degree in Music Science and Art, specializing in Byzantine Music). His research interests include Greek urban popular music genres; discographical research ‘borrowing-lending’ among the cultures of the Mediterranean; performance techniques of the ‘popular piano’. He is an active composer (five discographical works), a member of the Modern Greek Studies Association and has recently launched a new enterprise titled ‘The Eastern Piano Project’.

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