Thursday 23 February 2017

Cloudy Sunday and the Akathist Hymn - Mirroring or Reflection? Athens: Fagotto [in Greek].

The book examines the scholarly intervention in popular music, having as its epicentre a singular ‘musical nationalism’ which has developed in the contemporary Greek state. This nationalism stems from rhetorics which establish as a focal point a dynamic triptych of historical continuation, from the ancient to the byzantine and then on to the contemporary Greek world. The similarity between Vasilis Tsitsanis’s Sinefiasmeni Kyriaki and the hymn of the Orthodox tradition Ti Ypermaho is today a popular subject of debate on the internet. Not only in the forums of rembetiko fans but also in those of the chanters, maintaining various such nationalistic ideologies, advocating the origin of contemporary Greek music from the byzantine (which is also considered in every respect Greek), which in turns stem from the ancient Greek.


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