Wednesday 30 November 2016

The ‘commentary’ on popular musics, utilizing modern languages, leads to the development of performance techniques but also to new aesthetic proposals. With the piano at the epicentre, new ways to read, understand and negotiate the manifold urban musical idioms are sought. The semiology of this choice is related to the intent to de-territorialize and redefine old repertoires, by cooperating with Haroula Tsalpara and Akis Pitsanis, currently leading voices in the so-called rebetiko environment. This course leads to a new context, environment and aesthetic structure; to new ‘places’. And all this aimed at the present. On Wednesday 30 November, at the music stage ‘Prigipessa inThessaloniki.


Filikis Eterias 5,Thessaloniki

(Near theWhiteTower– Behind the Officers’s Club)

Tel: 2310 273542





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