Saturday 5 November 2016

Apart from the specialized course of the popular piano, from the academic year 2015-2016 the Popular Piano Workshop is in operation, parallel to the study programme. Other aspects such as historical research and documentation are added and incorporated into the workshop. Removed from the ‘stress’ of standard hours of attendance, students have the leisure to develop a more holistic examination of the material, searching for historical clues which contribute to a more proficient knowledge. Furthermore, the students who participate voluntarily in the Popular Piano Workshop, without attendance being compulsory for the particular specialization, have the opportunity to work on pieces in orchestral ensembles composed of two and three pianos. In this way, they are required to develop their orchestral critique in an assembly which is especially particular and difficult to manage.


The workshop operates every Friday at 5pm at the studio of the Department.

Department of Popular and Traditional Music

Technological EducationalInstituteofEpirus, Arta

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